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Rick Genest for Dermablend

I know this is not new, but I just found it and I'm pretty sure not everybody has seen it.

 Rick Genest a.k.a "Zombie Boy", the IT Boy of Thierry Mugler / Nicola Formichetti participated in DERMABLEND's ad campaign for their body and leg cover makeup.

As you know, Rick Genest, model, performer and muse if fully covered, (well about 80% of his body) covered in tattoos of intricate designs of a skeleton, skull and rotting body.
The challenge was tu use DERMABLEND makeup to cover his tattoos and show how Rick looked before Zombie Boy.

 Here's the  video, and some pictures.

I think the transformation is amazing, and about Dermablend makeup, I'm totally convinced, perhaps I purchase some, this days Mexico City is really hot, and mosquitoes are going crazy, my legs look like i just had the chicken pox... If that makeup fully covered Rick's tattooed body, I think it can hide my mosquito bites just as well.



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