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Audemars Piguet by Arturo Elena at Zona Maco

Two weeks ago was Zona MACO the most important show of contemporary art in Mexico, it includes more than 90 galleries from around the world, representing more than 900 artists. 

One of the soponsors of Zona MACO y Audemars Piguet. In its lounge we could enjoy an exhibit by my favorite fashion illustrator Arturo Elena. 

He ralized a series of 14 illustrations for the brand. 

This piece was specially made for his showing in Mexico.

I had the chance to have a glass of chamapigne and a nice talk with him, in which he talk me through me his tecnique,the materials he uses, the time and detail he gets into each drawing, gave me a private tour thorugh all the illustrations and good advice. 

He told me that:

 In order to be succsessfull at something one must know if we are crafted for it, talent is natural and it has to come from the inside. Then its our job tu nurture it. 

I love his esthetics, the lean, long shapes of the bodies and his use of light, the portray of textures and style is just impecable. 

He's a really interesting person, whith huge talent and pasion for his craft, it was really inspiring to talk to him. 

 I indulge you to go through all of his work HERE.  It's STUNNING.


Amelie said...

WAW!! These pictures are awesome!! Love it so much. Thank you to make me discover this artist

xx amelie

Elena said...

WOW, those illustrations are super cool! LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing
Great blog

Mihaya Urtuzuastegui Wadgymar said...

Thanks Elena and Amelie! I'm glad you liked them, I'm totally obssesed with his illustrations!

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