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Life isn't just Black & White

A Pop of Color

Life isn't black & white, it has numerous shades of gray and a pop of color as shown by photographer Greg Kadel and illustrator  Mel Kadel for Número #133

The flawless mix of patterns by Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, and Isabel Marant (just to mention some) is thanks to Samuel François, fashion editor for Número and brought to life by gap toothed beauty Abbey Lee Kershaw.


Eyes of Mars by Marion Cotrillard & Franz Ferdinand for Lady Dior Campaign 2010

Eyes of Mars performed by Marion Cotrillard & Franz Ferdinand directed by Jonas Akerlund is part of Lady Dior Campaign of 2010 but I just can't get over the simple but yet glamourous and sophisticated esthetics with a vintage flare in rouge.

I highly recommend to check out all of Jonas Akerlund's work here, its amazing.

Navy Nude

A flirty casual look for a day in town 
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Performed by Delfine Bafort
Director - Stef Viaene
Photography direction - Francois Starr/Stef Viaene
Sound design - Rafaël Sellekaerts
Editing - Gert Van Berckelaer
Hair & make up - Alex Valverde

Fluorecent Adolecent

A comfortable fluorecent look for a night out.
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hats on

This month was the Mad Hatter's Tea annual Bennefit at the Arboreaum and Botanical Garden in Dallas Tx. It's a very quint, whimsycal, extravagajt event whe the attendants wear exuberant hats according to the benefit's theme. This year's theme was "The Art of Nature" and here are some of the most amazing chapeaux cretions.

Royal Weddings and the Kentucky Derby are other events where hats are the center of atention. But none as creative and extravagant as the Mad Hatter Tea Benefit. 

There are awsome hat designers like Philip Tracey, Stephen Jones and Vivien Sheriff, here is a Philip Tracey desings worn by supermodel Naomi Campbell that would have fit prefectly into this year's benefit.