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Andy Warhol's Bazaar Years

Yesterday night Harper's Bazaar Mexico and Latin America celebrated their 33rd Anniversary in a big way with the opening of Andy Warhol's Bazaar Years 1951 - 1964 exposition at SHCP Art Museum.

Some of the less known work of this prolific, iconic plastic artists of the XX century.

Illustrations of beauty products, jewlery, perfumes and shoes were the main characters of Warhol's work for Harper's Bazaar , before he became a re known  name in the art circuit.

His pre Pop years, less satiric, but with his unmistakebla touch, splashes of bold colors, stencil like pictures and tons of style
 “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

 Andy Warhol came to Camel ___ in 1951 with nothing to loose and everything to win, he made an impression and colaboreted with Harper's Bazaar for over a decade, thanks to this we can meet the firts stage of Warhol's ascending career.

 This event was catered by Jaso a fusion cuisine restaurant in Polanco. hundereads of pop inspired deserts, Mailyn Monroe Cupcakes, Banana tarts, colorfull macaroons and many other delicious treats.

 Doesn't this look yummie? I guarantee they totally were!

 Fashion editors, designers, artists and fashionistas were the main crowd of this event.

What do you think about Warhol's early work?


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