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All City Canvas Inspired Fashion

ALL CITY CANVAS is an international street art festival that searches to join talent from all around the world in one place for one week. 

 In this first edition Mexico City offered it's best spaces for 9 of the most aknowledge artists of the movement to make great scale interventions.

 I created 6 outfits inspired by my favorite murals around the city. 

 Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Herakut is a German street art colective by Hera from Frankfurt and Akut form Erfurt which visual content is an intuitive expression of the mental state of their generation.

Bold color, thick traces and expresive looks...

In this graffitty we can see a little girl holding emblematic icons of the mexican culture like the Xoloscuincle and a Wrestler...

 I chose garments that portray the colors and some of the textures of his work currently located at the Universal Newspaper building in Mexico City.

See more of their work HERE


Escif is from Valencia, Spain. In his work he involves a mix of tecniques with a characteristic style. He paints fantastic characters, animals, every day objects and landscapes. His work is contemporary muralism inspired in grafiti, comics, movies and every day life.

He uses solid colors and simple lines to show a complex social critique.

In this set I decided to portray the style of the characters he painted in Chihuahua Building located downtown Mexico
 City with an unusual, modern and casual take on a classic tuxedo, with pieces by Balmain, McQueen, Vintage YSL, Oscar de la Renta an Louboutin, with a red Bobby Brown lipstick to tie the whole outift.

To se his more of his work chick HERE 

Vhils is from Lisboa, Portugal in his works he uses a variety of proceses  like acid crave, chlorine in wood, and materials he finds in the streets like old paper and used posters. He uses cincel y taladro to sculp his pieces form a wall stencil. His creation borns from destruction.

He does an amazing work with light and texture same that I captured with this color blocking and light refelcting pieces.

I chose the colors of bricks and concrete to mimic the colors of the surface he worked in.

Check out his work HERE

 Jorge Tellaeche is mexican, his work has a direct relationship with organic forms and color developed from dreamlike chaotic landscapes to a more explosive,
energetic interpretation of the same motif.
His murals that are charged with social commentary and sarcasm.

This mural is located in W Hotel Mexico, this has a very dreamlike vibe, a romantic but yet relaxed mood that i tried to proyect by the use of pastel, pink, mint, lavander an turqoise to creat a relaxed, femenine but sexy look with the touch of lace and sequins

Check out more of his work HERE.

ROA is from Belgium, obssesed with animals, he thinks they tell more about this world than any other creature. He has a unique grafic style that explores the relationship between live and death and the process of descomposition of a body.

He uses mainly black and white and represents a characteristic animal of each region he's working in.

This time he chose a Snake, 

I think a sanke is a really bad ass animal, so I made a bad ass outfit inspired by the snake itself, a cohesive look with pieces by D&G, Alexander Wang and Dr. Martens.
Dark clothes with the use of metals to represent de light of his work,

Check out more of his work HERE  

Don't forget to check out this places if you visit Mexico.

Which one is your favorite? 

What's your take about street art?



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