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Burberry Prorsum ss2014




i'm back

After 6 months, i'm back. 
I hope you start checking up my posts and comment!




Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel by mihaya featuring MIMOSAS

So i'll been a little too busy at work and as an activist (I think i'll post something about that later) and today I finally got some free time to post.

This days have been really hot and today I was (still am) craving for a cold, bubbly mimosa... That mimosa got me thinking about Hunther S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and his time at the Beverly Hills Hotel Back in the 70's.

 Ofcourse, insted of mimosas he was drinking singapore slings, mezcal and LSD... but really who cares.. a morning drink is a morning drink, right?

This set is inspired by the coloros and vibe of the Beverly Hills Hotel specially at the 70's, a nice hot afternoon by the pool with not a care in the world.. and of course.. MIMOSAS.




I just LOVE HBC, and i love the quirkyness that Polansky uses. Lovely


Rick Genest for Dermablend

I know this is not new, but I just found it and I'm pretty sure not everybody has seen it.

 Rick Genest a.k.a "Zombie Boy", the IT Boy of Thierry Mugler / Nicola Formichetti participated in DERMABLEND's ad campaign for their body and leg cover makeup.

As you know, Rick Genest, model, performer and muse if fully covered, (well about 80% of his body) covered in tattoos of intricate designs of a skeleton, skull and rotting body.
The challenge was tu use DERMABLEND makeup to cover his tattoos and show how Rick looked before Zombie Boy.

 Here's the  video, and some pictures.

I think the transformation is amazing, and about Dermablend makeup, I'm totally convinced, perhaps I purchase some, this days Mexico City is really hot, and mosquitoes are going crazy, my legs look like i just had the chicken pox... If that makeup fully covered Rick's tattooed body, I think it can hide my mosquito bites just as well.